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Designing your bedroom got easier with Dwellmix’s ready-made décor Ideas

It all started with an aha moment that stopped me in my tracks one sunny afternoon:

Help people transform their bedrooms simply using the magic of décor.

I’m Mimi Rosenberg—Founder and Lead Designer of OrganizDwell LLC (Boutique Luxury Staging and Redesign Firm). And I learned a lot over my decade of experience staging and redesigning apartments in the tri-state area of New York City.

I learned that of all the places you’ll spend time in your life, your bedroom is among the most meaningful. It’s where you begin and end your day. You receive the promise of a new day in your bedroom. You reflect on the most important parts of the past day in your bedroom.

I learned that furniture is not the showstopper that décor is.

Changing the décor changes the feel of your room!

About Dwellmix

But the most important lesson? The impact that an expert-designed living space has.

People love seeing and being in a beautiful space. People love feeling the inspiration of a room that’s thoughtfully put together with décor and accessories.

Designing the bedroom that’s right for you can be a serious challenge.

When I spoke to clients in our initial consultations, I listened to the struggles that people deal with in room design.

My clients didn’t know where to start. They browsed the net and found a bunch of articles on how to and design tips, but they felt overwhelmed. My clients were confused because there were no options for a practical solution that they could easily implement themselves.

Now, I’m solving this challenge so that you can bring these design ideas to life yourself in two easy steps.

I created Dwellmix so you can design your bedroom using the power of decor like a true professional! 

With Dwellmix, your bedroom redesign is easy, fun, and efficient!

I’m eliminating the grind of shopping around and the stress of searching through a dozen different websites or showrooms for a dozen different items.

Instead, you’ll choose from ready-made modern bedroom design ideas—all curated specially by me. By providing you with the convenience of only one shopping cart, you get to modify and select the exact home goodies you’d love to see in your space!

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on high-end furniture to transform your bedroom even though you can if you wanted to! But As your life changes, you can simply change your decor.

Whether you just got your own new place, whether your boyfriend is moving in or you’ve been wanting that bedroom makeover or you wished your guest bedroom looks like a retreat—Dwellmix will help you make it happen.

With Dwellmix, the choice of the highest quality ready-made bedroom designs is in your hands. Gain access to a broad range of bedroom decorating ideas that reflect your taste or current mood.

The best chapter of your bedroom design story is ahead of you. Ready to discover how Dwellmix can change the place you live in? Choose your Bedroom Design to get started!


John J
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I recently bought a mood board from Dwellmix online, and I have to say, I'm pleased with it! It's much better and more convenient than I expected. I enjoyed the one-click check out for all items on the list.
Samantha M
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I just moved in and needed some design ideas. This mood board is AMAZING! I love it. The quality of the products is great, and the price was unbeatable. I will be buying more mood boards from this seller in the future!
Latanya M
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Awesome mood boards. The best part is that I bought all products with one-click. Great styles.
Elena H
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I'm so glad I found this mood board online! I was getting really tired of all the bad quality design and cheap products out there. This mood board is exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again. Thank you!
Trisha P
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I absolutely loved my mood board that I bought online! The one click shopping cart was great and everything was super easy to order. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a mood board!
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