15 Inspiring Design Ideas for a Picture Perfect Airbnb Bedroom

Think through how you would use the space if you were the guest. Write down your list and check that your new guest bedroom includes them all. Some important but sometimes neglected elements include a rug underfoot, space and lights on the bedside, wardrobe space, an extra throw for colder nights, plenty of cushions, privacy, and a clock.

Anyone can purchase a furniture set, toss in a few throw blankets and some art prints, and say”my Airbnb is ready”. But creating a space that is tailored to the specific people who will stay there in a way that’s trendy, beautiful, cozy, and functional, That’s a unique form of art – the art of decorating and styling. What goes on top of your furniture is what matter’s the most! See for your self these “bedroom makeover ideas”.

Bedroom Design Ideas
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    1. White bedding

    You must use all-white bedding for two reasons. 1. It gives that high-end hotel look (you would never see color or patterned sheets in a hotel, would you?), and 2. You can bleach white bed linens if they get stained or begin to dull or yellow over time.

    2. Mattress, Bedding & Pillow Protectors

    Do not skimp out on this – The bed absolutely has to be super comfortable, from the mattress to the sheets and everything in between. A bad bed experience could take an Airbnb from a 5-star review to a 1-star!

    Make sure you protect your mattresses and pillows with a waterproof mattress protector. Accidents happen, and this will ensure the longevity of your mattress investment.

    3. Sheets

    The sheets must be very soft – there is nothing worse than trying to sleep on rough, scratchy sheets, or ones that don’t breathe and make you hot all night.

    4. Pillows

    Invest in comfortable pillows – for example memory foam ones. Make sure you have a minimum of 4 standard pillows on each queen bed, because many people sleep with 2 pillows under their head. You can use cheap pillows for the front set, just make sure there are two behind them that are high quality. Throw pillows don’t count for this, those go in front of the 4 standard pillows.

    5. Throw / Decorative Pillows

    This is the fun part, where you get to make the bed pretty and inviting with adding some colors and patterns.

    6. Throw Blankets

    Including a soft, cozy throw blanket in each room looks nice and gives the room an elevated touch.

    Inspiring Design Ideas for a Picture Perfect Airbnb Bedroom

    7. Nightstands with Reading Lights & Phone Chargers

    Whenever possible, it’s ideal to have a nightstand or small table on both sides of the bed. It’s generally preferable not to push beds up against walls unless you have no other option.

    Adequate ambient lighting on the nightstand is an important part of a 5-star Airbnb experience. 

    It’s very useful for the guests if you provide one iPhone charger – a nightstand is a great place to leave it. People do tend to snag them by accident, so buy a colored one to make it less tempting and harder to mistake for their own.

    8. Rugs

    A room without a rug looks unfinished. Make sure the rug is the right size for the room. Rugs don’t have to be expensive to look nice. For a queen bed you will need at least 6×9 feet area rug and for a king 8×10 feet.

    9. Accent Chair

    If space permits, it’s a classy touch to provide an accent chair. If the Airbnb is a studio or a room you’re renting without access to the rest of the home, it’s especially nice for guests to have somewhere to sit, besides on the bed. This is also another opportunity to integrate your theme and color scheme.

    10. DO feature one “design” piece

    You can make the bedroom stand out with a statement piece. It doesn’t have to be something large or grand, like a chandelier, either. It can be as simple as artwork from local artist or decor that is typical to your local setting. Invest in one piece that’ll excite guests. Whether it’s a Knoll Womb Chair, George Nelson’s iconic platform bench by Herman Miller, or even a very unique Etsy find.

    11. Use Mirrors to Maximize Natural Light

    Mirrors and natural light are combination we shouldn’t underestimate. Together they make spaces look and feel more spacious than they are and guests will especially appreciate a full-length mirror for getting ready. When a room has only a few windows, adding mirrors can also brighten things. Simply position the mirrors to reflect the light streaming in. A top Airbnb interior designer tip is to keep the spaces surrounding windows open and uncluttered for maximum effect. Let the light shine in.

    12. A calming gallery wall

    When designing for a small guest bedroom keep your art work the same by using the same frame in different sizes, but same colors. This allows the colors of the bed and linen to be highlighted in the space. Use affordable frames from Kmart or IKEA that are Perspex. This allows the art to be hung quite low to the bed and still be safe for children. But make sure you keep your art muted so that it doesn’t command and take over the entire space. Interior stylists know that you can use large-scale photographic pieces to anchor a room.

    Striking photographs in muted tones are having a moment in the real estate styling industry. Think large-scale black and white pieces and desert landscapes in soft muted tones. These pieces are often cheaper to buy than original art, and can look just as beautiful.

    13. Blackout Curtains and Sheers

    Blackout curtains are a much appreciated feature (and selling point!) that you can add to your airbnb for very little cost, to ensure the darkness in the room where the guests will sleep and them not being woken up in the morning by light.

    In rooms that aren’t bedrooms (such as living rooms and dining areas), sheers may be a better option because they don’t prevent natural light from coming into the room. Adding sheers can elevate any room from plain and unfinished to fabulous!

    14. Clothing Storage

    Like in a hotel room, guests will expect a designated place to store their clothes. An empty closet is great, but you may not have that option if you also live in the space you rent out. If you need to use your closet, you can provide the guests with dressers or freestanding clothing racks. You can provide also luggage racks so people don’t have to keep their suitcases on the floor. It’s the little touches like this that will earn you 5 star reviews!

    15. Take Inspiration from Local Scenery & Attractions

    When they are on a vacation, people often enjoy taking in the scenery and visiting attractions. That’s why the décor needs to be inspired by local sights and scenes. Remind of the outdoors by creating a similar atmosphere indoors. By the sea, for example, an Airbnb can benefit better in coastal design style.

    Discover Creative Bedroom Design Ideas To Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

    Let’s focus on the impact the décor has on all of us!! Bedroom decorating is fun, simple and easy!! Get inspired with Dwellmix Design Ideas!

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