What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a type of collage or visual presentation consisting of text, images, and samples of objects. One can design a mood board by considering a topic. 

Generally, a mood board helps you to convey a feeling or general idea about a particular topic. You can opt for а digital or physical mood board based on your preferences and needs.

Physical Mood Board

Physical mood boards are an excellent way for digital designers to think outside the confines of a screen. They can be especially helpful when projects take inspiration from physical worlds, but it does require more printing and mess.

This might not work well with everyone in your creative team or your clients. That being said, though, it’s important that you find ways in which your physical board could inspire others or make their life easier.

The best thing about them? You get creativity without the limitations of your laptop screen.

Digital Mood Board

Digital mood boards are great because they allow designers to work within the same environment and use tools that they’re already familiar with. Some people think it can be an issue if you want something unique since most programs don’t let users export graphics in different formats (only images). 

However, that really depends on the designer you are working with. A professional will always find a way to create unique one-of-a-kind artwork for prospective clients.

Physical Mood Board
physical mood board
Digital Mood Board

What are Mood Boards in Interior Design?

Mood boards are widely used in interior design as a point of reference. Interior designers use it to get an idea of how different elements will look when they are merged together in a space. Hence, a mood board offers a visual collection of the elements you are considering incorporating into a room. 

They can range from actual room mockups to collage-like images, deepening your visual preferences and design capabilities. With a mood board, there is also minimal risk of having any flaw in your end results. Therefore, interior experts prefer to create one before they actually start changing the look of a space.

Why do we Use a Mood Board?

People use mood boards for various reasons. They are perfect for decorating your space without spending too much money on decoration. It also inspires and helps people get fully satisfied with the results before they start working on an actual project.

Mood Board Purpose

A mood serves different purposes, such as offering you a project’s inspiration. They help you keep the aesthetic and style of a project consistent with a client’s expectations and goals. 

They are also an excellent source to determine a project’s style before starting the design process. It also allows you to create a coherent design that is appealing and alternative and offers an accurate representation of what you have imagined.

What do we Use a Mood Board for?

You can use a mood board to determine whether different fabrics, patterns, colors, text, materials, and other elements will work perfectly together. Mood boards can be used for product designs, website designs, brand designs, and pretty much every type of project.

mood board interior design

The Benefit of Buying a Mood Board

You can also buy mood boards online. Several online services allow you to purchase a mood board that truly represents the idea and theme you are looking for. Here are the benefits of buying a mood board.

  • It saves time- you don’t need to take time out of your busy schedule to create a digital or physical mood board;
  • Buying it also saves you the energy you can use for your project;
  • It offers inspiration that allows you to create an incredible final project.

What Does the Mood Board Include?

A mood board can include several things based on your preferences and requirements. You can add a collage of images and add text to it to tell the story behind the collage. Descriptive words on your mood board also look appealing. 

Some people also add different accessories like ribbons and decoration pieces. If you want to create a mood board for a project, you can add material samples and color palettes to define the complete idea of your project. 

Magazine clippings, texture samples, and fabric swatches are also perfect for adding to your mood board.

What Makes a Good Mood Board?

A perfect mood board is something that offers a visually inspiring summary of your ideas. It includes all the necessary elements to define your project or showcase your ideas, such as images, textures, and text. 

A good mood board displays your concept in a way that words can’t express. This helps your client or viewers to get inside your creative mind and understand the whole idea behind your project.

Who uses Mood Board?

Interior designers, photographers, graphic designers, industrial designers, and other artists use them to visually illustrate the design and style they want to pursue. With a mood board, artists ensure they get the perfect end result they have imagined.

People also use mood boards to decorate their rooms. These types of mood boards act as decoration pieces that are made on different topics. It can be a personal mood board, motivational mood board, or memorable mood board. You can create or purchase one to inspire yourself regularly.

Bottom Line

So, now you know how a mood board can help you display your ideas and opinions about different topics. With a perfect mood board, you can find the inspiration to complete your project or enhance the ambiance of your space.

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